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Tiffany Cross Moving On Up At MSNBC!!!

Tiffany Cross is moving on up at MSNBC. Let’s celebrate the success of this young, black, female television host.

Tiffany Cross gets new show, The Cross Connection, at MSNBC.

“The Cross Connection” the new show on MSNBC is hosted by none other than 41-year old Ms. Tiffany Cross. Tiffany is a journalist, television host, political analyst and author. No doubt you’ve seen her as one of only a handful of guest host on Joy Reid’s AM Joy and Joy’s new show, The ReidOut.

tiffany cross

On her very first show, MSNBC had a surprise for Miss Tiffany. A slew of colleagues singing her praises. Here’s what Joy Reid had to say about Cross’ new show –

“…Girlfriend, I know your show is going to be impactful, important, dynamic, exciting…I just can’t wait to watch you shine, You are amazing.”

Adding to that praise, Joy also said –

“…I knew that you were a star. I’m so excited for you, I’m so proud of you. I’m so happy for you, little sister.”

“So go ahead out there, and slay…”

These words were a surprise to Ms. Cross during her show when MSNBC put together a clip to show her how proud her colleagues were of her.

Along with Joy Reid, she heard nothing but praise after praise –

“…really excited, really proud. I know you’re gonna do a fantastic job, I know you’re gonna say it louder, I know you’re gonna bring that fire.

“But most importantly, you are a voice that we desparately, desparately needed…” – Jason Johnson, MSNBC Contributor

Others also chimed in –

“You did it!…congratulations, girl. You are doing big things. And I Can’t wait to turn on my television every single saturday, and see you serving it…” – Activist Alicia Garza,

MSNBC contributor Latosha Brown brought Tiffany to tears when she literally sang out her praise, then she added –

“…Congratulations, Tiffany, on your new show. I am so excited that you have a platform to talk about the news and the issues that matter to all of Americans…” – Latosha Brown – MSNBC Contributor

Your Words Cut Through The Noise Like A Machete

Another MSNBC contributor, Brittney Packnett Cunningham stated –

“…The Cross Connection is exactly what we needed at this moment, and you are the perfect to help us lead it…your words cut through the noise like a machete. And I am so, so thrilled that we get a dose of you every single week…” – Brittney Packnett Cunningham

You Are Smart, Beautiful, Talented, Fearless and Worthy Of every Good thing That’s Coming Your Way

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown had her say also –

“I don’t know if there is anyone more excited about this than me.”

” You are smart, you are beautiful, you are talented, you are fearless, you are worthy of every good thing that’s on it’s way to you…” – Actress Yvette Nicole Brown

tiffany cross the cross connection

After all the praise and the tears, Ms. Tiffany Cross accepted the praise and thanked everyone, saying –

“I have to tell you guys, I would not be here if it was not for Joy Reid…Every since I have been in this space, the women (and Jason Johnson, my nemesis) have wrapped their arms around me.”

“…In the past week, I have heard from almost every black woman who has ever appeared on screen…and this meant every thing…Thank You”

tiffany cross msnbc

Check Out Some Of Ms. Cross’s Resume

Born in Ohio, Ms. Cross grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and Atlanta. Check out some of her resume.

  • first journalism job at an Atlanta radio station
  • CNN Associate Producer
  • Bureau Chief at BET Networks in Washington D.C.
  • Resident Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics
  • Guest Host of AMJoy and The ReidOut on MSNBC
  • Host of The Cross Connection on MSNBC

Also, don’t forget she’s also an author. Check out Tiffany’s book, Say It Louder!: Black Voters, White Narratives, and Saving Our Democracy which was published earlier this year.

So, if you don’t know about Miss Tiffany Cross…you better ask somebody, baby! Tune in to her new 2-hour show every Saturday morning on MSNBC at 10:00 am. Replacing the void left by Joy Reid’s former show, AMJoy, Tiffany will host The Cross Connection. Congrats, girl!

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