audra day in united states vs billie holiday

Audra Day is Billie Holiday In New Movie!!!

Audra Day star as Billie Holiday in new movie, The United States vs Billie Holiday. Holiday, known by her nickname Lady Day, had her life depicted in the movie Lady Sings The Blues which starred Diana Ross. This is not that story.

Lee Daniels Directs Audra Day in “The United States vs Billie Holiday”

Directed by Lee Daniels, this biographical drama is based on the book Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari. Daniels also serves as one of the producers on the project. After being captivated by the script when he read it 5 years ago, Lee Daniels raised the funds and took on the project, telling Essence –

“She was a human being with problems…And yet, she was a civil rights leader and a woman, and I think that she was a badass and needs to be honored.” – Lee Daniels

audra day as billie holiday

According to Essence, Day believes this is what we need right now, the truth about how the United States of America targeted and punished Billie Holiday for daring to take a stand against lynching and Jim Crow by singing “Strange Fruit,” a haunting protest song describing the lynchings of black men in the South.

Audra Day captures the essence of the the jazz singer in this project. As described on IMDb, this film follows Lady Day during her career as she is targeted by the Federal Department of Narcotics with an undercover sting operation led by black Federal Agent Jimmy Fletcher, with whom she had a tumultuous affair.


  • Andra Day as Billie Holiday
  • Trevante Rhodes as Jimmy Fletcher
  • Natasha Lyonne as Tallulah Bankhead
  • Garrett Hudlund as Harry J. Anslinger
  • Miss Lawrence as Miss Freddy
  • Rob Morgan as Louis McKay
  • Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Roslyn
  • Evan Ross as Sam Williams
  • Tyler James Williams as Lester Young
  • Tone Bell as John Levy
  • Erik LaRay Harvey as Monroe
  • Melvin Gregg as Joe Guy
  • Dana Gourrier as Sadie
audra day portrays billie holiday

Check out the trailer below.

The United States vs Billie Holiday is scheduled to be released on February 26th, on HULU.

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