Queen Sugar

QUEEN SUGAR Is Back With Season 5!!!

Queen Sugar is Back! It’s time for another season, sharing in the journey of the Borderlon family.

Season 5 Of Queen Sugar Returns To Continue The Journey Of The Borderlon Family

Good News! Season 5 has not even premiered yet, and Season 6 is already green-lighted. Woo-hoo! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Get ready to set your DVR’s, cause Queen Sugar is returning for Season 5. Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel return to navigate through the trials and tribulations of their inherited sugar cane farm in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Cast MemberS of Queen Sugar Include –

  • DAWN-LYEN GARDNER as Charley
  • KOFI SIRIBOE as Ralph Angel
  • TINA LIFFORD as Aunt “Vi” (Matriarch of the Borderlon Family)
  • NICOLAS L. ASHE as Micah West (Charley’s son)
  • OMAR DORSEY as “Hollywood”
  • BIANCA LAWSON as Darla

Let’s recap.


Some key happenings during Season 4 –

Nova grew estranged from her family, after opening old wounds and revealing dark, personal family secrets in her new book, “Blessings and Blood”. During her national book tour, she reunites with Calvin.

Vi opened her very own Prized Pies and Diner, which was later vandalized. Vi keeps secrets from Hollywood, and is further shook by the surprised arrival of her ex-husband, Jimmy Dale.

Ralph Angel acknowledges to his “son” Blue that they are connected by souls, if not by blood. Also, Ralph Angel learns that his parole has concluded, and later he re-connects with Darla.

Charley and Romero’s clinic is raided by ICE agents. Charley runs for office.

As season 4 came to a close, there was a revelation that Sam Landry and Violet have a shared past. Charley realizes she’s been used by Sam Landry for his own personal agenda; the Bordelon family finally unites, determined to face an uncertain future together.

Check out the trailer for the new season below.

A couple of new issues will arise in the Borderline story, the coronavirus and Black Lives Matter subjects will be addressed. Stay tuned.

Queen Sugar returns on February 16th on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). You ready?

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