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Wiz Khalifa Positive For Covid-19!!!

Wiz Khalifa reveals that he has tested positive for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). While he is now in self-quarantine, though he is not currently experiencing any symptoms.

Wiz Khalifa Doing Well In Self-Quarantine

Wiz Khalifa // Stavernfestivalen // Wiz Khalifa // 2018-07-12 23:18:22 // Larvik golfbane, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway (NOR) /

Warning folks to stay away from him, Rapper Wiz Khalifa (real name Cameron Thomaz) is in isolation from other people at this time. Announcing on Twitter, the “See You Again” rapper is taking precautions, but is doing O.K., posting –

“Okay loved ones….sooo…..Ya boy got covid. No symptoms. Just stay away from me for a lil while,”

wiz khalifa

Other than his hit song, “See You Again”, which reached the top of the billboard charts in 2015, he has much success in the music industry. One of his success, “Black and Yellow”, topped the billboard charts in 2011.

In another post he let his fans know that he is still working on his next project while in quarantine, posting –

“While im in the house I’ll be givin y’all new content, planning raves, and readying this new project,”

As reported from The Source, it is not known whether or not he was previously vaccinated or not. However, he got plenty of advice from his fellow Twitter followers.

One of his success, “Black and Yellow”, topped the billboard charts in 2011, a clear ode to his hometown of Pittsburgh. The following year Pittsburgh honored him with a proclamation for “Wiz Khalifa Day.”

Most recently, In May, he appeared on Fox’s “The Masked Singer” and was unmasked on the fifth season finale. Host Nick Cannon called him “one of the biggest stars to ever grace our ‘Masked Singer’ stage.”

Get well soon, Cameron, hope you have a speedy recovery.

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