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Beyonce Delivers Pure Art With New Music Visuals For “Otherside”!!!

Beyonce is back in full force. No longer caring about hit songs, her pieces are pure art, as evident in her latest release!


Beyonce Drops new music videos on her YouTube channel. One of them is the beautifully done visuals for “Otherside” from her The Lion King: The Gift project.

Her artistry cannot be denied. With so many messages in this piece, you are sure to come away with a whole new outlook on its meaning.

With strong visions of the African culture, biblical references, and Queen Bee singing verses in the official Swahili language, the total project is awesome.

Here are the lyrics to “Otherside” by Beyonce –

If the storm comes, if we burn up
If the wells run dry
You’re my reason to believe in
Another lifeIf it all ends and it’s over
If the sky falls fire
Best believe me, you will see me
On the other sideIf we wake up, lose our patience
Or even lose our lives, oh
I feel lucky to say that you’ve been
A friend of mineBest believe me, you will see me
On the other side

So What Is The Meaning Behind The Song?

At the end, you hear Beyonce chanting in Swahili, Mababu Katika Mawingu which means (godfathers or) “ancestors in the clouds”.

Some believe the song is about her miscarriage, others think it’s something else entirely. But, regardless of it’s direct meaning, the song evokes emotions of fear, beauty, hope and more.

Makes you think about life and death in a new concept. As one commenter posted (RenataO) about the meaning of this song –

“This is a nod to Beyonce’s work as the voice of Nala in Disney’s live action, The Lion King. The shared heritage between one of her most iconic scenes in the movie and her life draw together to produce powerful elements.”

“…we are reminded of how powerful an artist Beyonce is and how iconic her music continues to be. Her music continues to define the time we live in and is a reflection of the world we live in.”

How powerful is this Diva? Just check out the video for yourself below.

Co-written by Syd and Nicky Davey, “Otherside” features Nigerian singer and songwriter Bankulli performing in Yoruba.

Bey…well done!

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