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Lil Wayne Addresses Suicide Attempt, Mental Illness!!!

Lil Wayne has detailed his struggles with mental illness. After attempting suicide at the age of 12, Weezy says he owes a debt of gratitude to “Uncle Bob”.

Lil Wayne Made A Heart-Breaking, Life-Changing Decision That Altered The Course Of His Life

Lately, a lot of folks have been speaking out about mental health. Namely, artistic gymnast Simone Biles and professional tennis player Naomi Osaka voiced their issues in very public ways.

Everyone knows the 5-time Grammy Winning Rapper Lil Wayne and all his successes. But few knew that the celebrated hip-hop star once tried to take his own life.

The rapper could have ended it all at the tender age of 12 years old.

That’s when a young Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. tried to take his own life by a bullet to the chest.

So, What Really Went Down?

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While recently appearing on Emmanuel Acho’s “Uncomfortable Conversations” interview series, Lil Wayne gave these details about the incident.

Apparently, Wayne (Weezy) struggled with mental health issues since he was 10.

Recalling how his mother, Jacida Carter learned he had skipped school, a young Wayne feared he would be told he could no longer rap.

These feelings came from his belief that he could not express himself to his mom.

Since that was his passion and life-long dream, he couldn’t bear to think that he would not be allowed to do that. His answer was to end it all.

At just 12 years old, he dialed 911. After that call, he entered his mother’s bedroom and retrieved her gun.

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Initially holding the weapon to his head, he got scared. Opting to shoot himself in the chest instead, he went for his heart. Luckily, he missed that major artery and survived the shooting.

During his encounter, Wayne says he did not feel a thing. He eventually awakened to the police knocking at the door.

Of what he remembers, being put in a squad car and being raced to the hospital. He also recalls a sheriff repeating “You’re not going to die on me…” over and over again.

Other than that, he just remembers pure hopelessness.

From Near Tragedy, Lil Wayne Gains A New Relationship With His Mom

Even though the actions of a little boy at the age of 12 could have ended in tragedy, Lil Wayne says his relationship with his mom changed forever.

After that day, his mom began to support him.

“…The mom that I knew before that day… I have never met or seen or heard that lady again in my life…”

“So I didn’t die that day, but somebody was gone. She’s never been that way [again]…”

“…changed life for her, [me] and our whole family.”

So, Who Is Uncle Bob?

While Weezy lay there dying from his gunshot, police came in and stepped right over him. To search his New Orleans home?

It was one police officer in particular who cared for little Wayne and demanded that they get him to a hospital. Lil’ Wayne never forgot that guy.

To thank him for saving his life, he offered to help the man financially, Wayne told him he’s got his back for life…if he ever needs anything.

Wayne grew up to be a highly successful rapper and beloved by many. His net worth today is over $170 million dollars.

So far, the ex-New Orleans police officer hasn’t taken him up on the offer, but it still stands today. Weezy says the officer (whose real name is Robert Hoobler)  only has to give him the word.

So Why Is The Rapper Sharing His Story Now?

Lil Wayne, now 38, says that he is –

“hoping to help anyone else out there who’s dealing with mental health problems” by “being vulnerable” and “brave”.

As reported by several outlets, the New Orleans native also updated fans about his own current mental state.

Though his feelings didn’t just go away magically just because he became famous, he is now in a much better state. He often wondered if anyone cared about him apart from his music.

Learning to use prayer saved him. Weezy says he is happiest when he is able to perform and help people.

If you or someone you know is affected by mental health issues or are contemplating suicide, please call 911. Or, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text Crisis Text Line at 741741.

This story first appeared on Hip Hop News Uncensored.

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