malcolm x and muhammad ali

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X And Muhammad Ali Netflix Documentary!!!

Netflix upcoming documentary, Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali tells the story of these two icons extraordinary friendship.

Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali Doc Peeks Into 3 Years Of Their Lives Together

Malcolm X, the civil rights leader and the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali forged a friendship. Both these legends were charismatic and outspoken.

Though they came from 2 different worlds, this union was destined to collide in the most complex of friendships.  Just 3 years, but a lifetime of lessons.

Two Icons United By Faith Of Brotherhood…

These two icons changed the way the world saw the black man.

malcolm x and muhammad ali

Ali’s daughter, Muryam shared –

“My father wanted to be great…and it was things that Malcolm taught him that my father kept with him until his last day.” – Muryam Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali

Contributing to this doc are never-before-scene footage of Ali and Malcolm, plus interviews from those closest to them, including –

  • Ilyasah Shabazz and Hana (daughters of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz)
  • Muryam Ali (daughter of Muhammad Ali)
  • Rahman (Ali’s brother)
  • Rev. Al Sharpton (Civil Rights Activist)
  • Cornel West (Philosopher, Political Activist)
  • and others
malcolm x and muhammad ali
Muhammad Ali, world heavyweight boxing champion, stands with Malcolm X (left) outside the Trans-Lux Newsreel Theater in New York in 1964.

Describing her father and his friendship with Ali, Malcolm’s daughter shares what she believed to be proof of their genuine friendship –

“For my father to take his wife, and his babies, and go to his home meant that my father trusted him 100%.”

“That was their blood brotherhood” – IlyaSAH Shabazz, Malcolm X’s daughter

…But At What Cost?

Muhammad Ali once said –

“Destiny can take your best friend as a instrument to cause you harm…and your worst enemy to do you good.”

Outside forces prevented Ali and Malcolm from continuing their beautiful relationship. But what role did betrayal play in this story?

“They defined a whole generation to be themselves, and be bold” – Al Sharpton

Netflix’s documentary will shed some light on the friendship and demise thereof of these 2 world leaders in race relations. Not only did this union change these 2 men, but it changed the world.

See the trailer below.

This doc is based on the book, Blood Brothers written by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith.

Upcoming documentary Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali , produced by Kenya Barris, will be available on Netflix on September 9th.

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