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Sha’Carri Richardson Got Smoked…Like A Jamaican Blunt!!!!!

Sha’Carri Richardson not only came up short, but she also came up last. Though she didn’t do it this time, Richardson vows to come back better.

Sha’Carri Richardson Got Something To Prove

Sha’Carri Richardson got something to prove…but she didn’t do it on the track this weekend. The Olympic hopeful, who would later have to drop out due to failing a drug test, recently got smoked sprinting against her Jamaican counterparts.

We all have heard the inspiring story of this young sprinter and can recall the moment she knew she was headed to the Tokyo Olympics. Some of our first times learning about her was with scenes of her running into the stands to embrace her grandma.

sha'carri richardson
EUGENE, OREGON – JUNE 19: Sha’Carri Richardson celebrates winning the Women’s 100 Meter final with grandmother Betty Harp on day 2 of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials at Hayward Field on June 19, 2021 in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Those scenes were a tug at the heart, especially when she revealed that she had just lost her biological mother.

But since that moment, it’s been nothing but bad publicity for the young runner.

Not only did she later fail a drug test, but she was OUT at the Tokyo Olympics. She would later reveal that she smoked marijuana as a coping mechanism after losing her mom.

Taking it all in stride, she simply wrote on her social media page –

“I am human.”

And she promised to ride out all the negative controversies and come back strong.

Coming Up Short At The Prefontaine Classic 100 Meter Race

Finally, she got her chance to do just that. She was scheduled to run at the Prefontaine Classic 100 meter race. In doing so, she would go up against the very same runners who won at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

With all the hype and spotlight on her, Sha’Carri Richarson hoped to redeem her name, and prove herself to the masses. Alas, that was not to be.

Thompson-Herah from Jamaica, who also won the Gold in Tokyo, won the women’s 100. In fact, she had a personal-best 10.54 seconds.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson respectively came in 2nd and 3rd, just like they did in the Olympics.

sha'carri richardson

All three, from Jamaica, came to slay…and that they did.

Unfortunately, not only did Richardson not win, nor even place, she came in dead last.

See the entire race below.

See the entire race below.

Social Media Was Not Kind

Here are a few samples of how it went down.

“Damn…Sha’Carri Richardson got smoked at the PreFontaine @nikepresclassic like a big Jamaican blunt! That was BRUTAL.If ya ass gonna write check, they can’t bounce! She finishes NINTH. She got HUMBLED real fast by the world’s top sprinters.” – Roland S. Martin

O.K., that one stung. But then there was more –

“You can’t tell people, they gotta see me in a race and then be behind them the whole time.”

“They literally can’t see you.” – Emmanuel Acho

And another example –

“The problem is that shacarri didn’t finish 4th, 5th or even sixth, she finished last nah bro… After all that talking and cockiness you can’t go out there and finish last bro. You’re not getting a pass on that, f*ck a next time. You got lit up.” – @Mylastaccount7

During her post-meet interview, right after her loss, Sha’Carri had this to say –

“I’m not upset with myself at all.”

“This is one race. I’m not done. You know what I’m capable of. Count me out if you want to. Talk all the shit you want. ‘Cause I’m hear to stay…”

“I’m not done. I’m the 6th fastest woman in this game…ever. And can’t nobody ever take that from me”.

We hear you, Sha’ Carri…but we need receipts.

Even the winners seemed to troll her. Watch the interview for yourself.

All jokes aside, Sha’Carri Richardson kept her spirits high. Though this moment may have been humiliating to some, she showed no signs of it affecting her in a negative way. Thanks for always staying positive.

We are still rooting for you, sister.

Sha'Carri Richardson

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