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Fantasia And Kendall Taylor: No Crowns In The Castle!!!!

Fantasia and Kendall drop new Christian book called No Crowns In The Castle. And it’s available right now.

Fantasia and Kendall Taylor bring NEW READ –

No Crowns In The Castle: Building a Strong Relationship and a Harmonious Life.

R&B singer Fantasia and her hubby Kendall Taylor authored a new relationship book.

Together with author Hilary Beard, the Taylors share their visions for every couple to come together in harmony.

Encouraging readers with faith-forward and Biblical relationship advice, the Grammy Award-winner singer and her husband of nearly 7 years share what a Godly marriage looks like.

Kendall also expressed that this tour will be all about the couples.

Hoping they come on board with plenty of questions and personal interactions.

The goal is to make it a positive experience.

While Fan admitted that she doesn’t want it to be just couples that they talk to.

There are some folks she is interesting to bring on stage.

One of those women is Tabitha Brown, along with her husband.

Additionally, she dropped Bishop T. D. Jakes and his wife as someone she would love to take part.

Maybe Fantasia, Kendall and company will be visiting a city in your town when they hit the road.

Will you be at the live table talk?

Pick up your copy of Fantasia and Kendall’s No Crowns in The Castle: Building a Strong Relationship and a Harmonious Life.

It’s just $13.99 and available everywhere you buy books.

Who knows, maybe Fantasia will get her wish and pop on your t.v. discussing her book.

Let’s make this a best seller. It’s your brand new destination for hot, black celebrity news.

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