Mary J. Blige, Fabolous On ‘Come See About Me’

Mary J. Blige collaborates with Fabolous on Come See About Me Track. The track comes from her latest album, Good Morning Gorgeous.

Mary J. Blige Features Fabolous On New Single, Come See About Me

Mary J. Blige just dropped another gem, the official music video for Come See About Me.

It comes from her deluxe version of her new studio album, Good Morning Gorgeous.

And to assist, she features 44-year-old rapper/songwriter Fabolous.

While Fab starts out the video with his rap, Mary is looking gorgeous in the sun.

A full minute and a half later, Mary comes in with her beautiful vocals, displaying all her gorgeousness.

You can see the video below, but first, check out the lyrics

[Verse 1]

Oh, yeah
Now, now, baby
Anytime you want it
Talking ’bout a lifetime, only
You been filling all my needs in my me time
Then proceed to push the speed
There’s no decline

Come, come and see about me
You know I’m really in a good mood
I bought a coast for you
Match that so we can have two
Come, come and see about me
You know I’m really in a good mood
You make a move, I make a move
We make a movie

‘Cause we got some thing to do tonight
And you got a point to prove your pride
We bring color to black and white
What we just did could make a life
‘Cause we got some things to do tonight

[Verse 2]
Somеthing ’bout your loving always keep me jumping
Pop one out the ovеn, watch me bake
When at your best, can never go wrong
You take the lead and keep it up front
Talking about a lifetime, only

You will undoubtedly hear this song during her upcoming tour.

Hosted by Hologic and The Black Promoters Collection (BPC), the tour is set to start on 9/17 in Greensboro, NC.

Here is what BPC founder and President Shelby Joyner has to say about working with Mary J. Blige –

“Mary J. Blige has been one of a select handful of artists at the top of our desired list to partner with since the initial construction of The BPC. Having her support in our mission so early in the process is a testament to the hard work we have put in to bring superior cultural experiences powered by black business to the masses. We firmly believe this is a match made in heaven and are honored to partner with the Queen.”

Running through October 29th, look for special guests, Ella Mai and queen Naija to join her.

Check out the official visual for Blige’s Come See About Me right now – Your brand new destination for hot, black celebrity news.

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